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    Terry EA5IHM.

    Welcome to my HamSphere Blog site.
    I am a retired ENG Camera Man .Worked for British Forces Broadcasting Service for nearly 30 years. Based in Germany covered all parts of the world working along side the forces : Afghanistan , Iraq ,Sierra Leone, Kosovo,Bosnia Siberia, Saudi Arabia ,Oman , Alaska.
    Licensed Radio Ham. 1st G8OBT
    2nd DL20BT now EA5IHM.
    Worked at Liverpool University.
    Center for Communication Studies.
    TV unit engineer.

    Solar-Terrestrial Data

    #Drivers and #Firmware

    Decided to make a video about some of my old radio kit the other day, only to discover none of the kit would talk to each other. Tried various computers still no luck, then I had that sinking feeling #drivers and #firmware updates needed. The moral of the story is use your kit more often and keep it up to date.It takes me forever finding firmware and driver updates. Any of you guys had the same problem ? Terry EA5IHM.

    WSPR Propagation.



    UK Repeaters.

    Having a break from the heat of Spain ( 35C in the shade at the moment ). I am going on a round trip visiting the grand kids and family ( my wife likes the heat so staying with the hounds ).
    Will be giving the VHF repeaters a call starting 11/24.08.2015.First stop Spalding, then Manchester, Liverpool, Wirral and then back to Spain.
    So listen out and give me a call if you hear me over the air.

    Terry EA5IHM.

    Nepal 9N1 net control.

    Update 01.05.2015.
    The declared Nepal 9N1 Emergency Net Control has now closed down.
    A job well done by all involved. Emergency work will still be on going for some time in Nepal.

    Terry EA5IHM.

    Nepal Emergency Frequency Change.

    Emergency traffic will now be passed on using 14.300 mhz,this is net control. Relay stations will still be required to keep QRM at bay.

    Terry EA5IHM.

    Nepal Earthquake Emergency.

    Please keep these frequencies free for emergency radio traffic in and out of Nepal.

    14.215 mhz    14.205 mhz   7.100 mhz

    Ham Radio and Short Wave Listeners are free to monitor the frequencies.

    Terry EA5IHM .


    Today 25.04.2015. is Marconi International Day. Listen around the bands both HamSphere and  Ham Radio, there will be lots of activity world wide.

    Have a good weekend all.

    Terry EA5IHM.

    View the Solar Eclipse live.

    You can view the Solar Eclipse live as it happens click on

    Solar Eclipse.

    Should be interesting propagation during the eclipse.Will be operating and monitoring time permitting.

    Site theme.

    Decided to change the ” Site Theme ” very easy to do.


    Weather Underground PWS IREGINDE114